Our Team

Dr. Cesar Parra

Olympic dressage rider and founder of Piaffe Performance, Dr. Cesar Parra believes in creating international bridges for talent and learning, where energy and passion between instructors and students fuels a higher level for the job of training both riders and horses. Contact: drcesarparra@msn.com

Katie Riley

Katie joined Cesar Parra in May of 2000, and is one of the founding members of Piaffe Performance Farm Team. Katie has assisted Cesar at important international competitions such as: 2002 World Equestrian Games, with Robinson. 2003 Pan American Games, with Pik-L, 2004 Olympic Games, with Galant Du Serein, 2005 World Cup, with Galant Du Serein and Pik-L, 2005 Aachen, with Galant Du Serein and Pik-L

Katie is an accomplished rider in her own right as well, having shown through Grand Prix. She is a USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist. She has spent time in Germany, training with Herr Reuben, Herr Peilicke, and Hubertus Schmidt.

Jen Mandracia

Jen Mandracia. Chief Horse Care Professional. Jen joined the performance farm team in January of 2002, and is a Master of horse care. She is Cesar’s right hand when it comes to the care, health and presentation of his top horses.

Roberto Brasil

Rodrigo Encinas Fuentes

Merita Hagren

Chris Penola

Farrier on the team for over 10 years