Welcome to Piaffe-Performance.com, the online home of Piaffe Performance Farm. Piaffe Performance Farm is owned by the internationally renowned Olympic dressage rider, Dr. Cesar Parra. Dr. Parra and his elite team of equestrian professionals have the skills, experience and patience to help both horse and rider symbiotically grow and develop into a formidable, competitive dressage team.

Dr. Parra is more than a dressage trainer. He is a studious man, proven by his degree in dentistry. He and his team at the Performance Farm are avid students and teachers, hoping to pass on the tradition of Classical German Training Methods and dedicated learning to those who come to the Farm. Beyond the bountiful dressage knowledge students will receive, they can also expect to be molded themselves as people, applying philosophies of character, perseverance, and integrity to daily life.

Though we specialize in dressage training, our services range well beyond training. On top of superb training, Piaffe Performance Farm connects riders to the finest horses available for sale. Our Performance Farm is designed to be a total care center for our riders’ horses, organizing services including grooming, routine veterinary care, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic therapies and equine dentistry. Come to Piaffe Performance Farm, and explore the depths of dressage, and reap the benefits of training under one of the best dressage riders, Dr. Cesar Parra.