Piaffe-Performance was founded in 1999 by Dr. Cesar Parra.

Dr. Cesar Parra and his team provide full-service training based on Classical Riding.

The full-service training has two components:

  • A tailored program for the horse and rider, and
  • A team which communicates with the owner and service providers to optimize the health of the horse.

The Classical Training Methods are those taught by the old Masters and perfected by some modern-day riders. These Methods are based on the Training Scale: Relaxation, Rhythm, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, Collection. (Losgelassenheit, Takt, Anlehnung, Schwung, Geraderichtung, Versammlung).

Every ride should start at the bottom of the scale, and master each step consecutively. For instance, never try for Impulsion when you do not have Contact. This Training Scale is the foundation of the Classical System and of Dr. Parra’s training philosophy.

Training tailored based on the needs of the individual horse and rider.

Full-service training and grooming.

We’ll teach you how to ride and improve your riding using Classical Training Philosophies

We strive to have all the components together “RIDER, HORSE, TRAINER, FACILITY, SUPPORT TEAM” (Piaffe-Performance staff communicates with all service providers and with owner to coordinate the optimal health of each horse):

“…I always learn a lot when I came here,
I’m always looking forward to be with Cesar…”

Martin Sosnoff
Martin Sosnoffstudent

“… I am improving as a person, and as a rider…”

Rodrigo Fuentes
Rodrigo Fuentesstudent

“… Cesar is so incredible generous, and i had more learning opportunities with him, then i would had in anywhere i could possible go…”

Sharon Myers
Sharon Myersstudent

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